Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mill Valley

Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Driving start: 8:00 am PDT, Westport, CA
Driving stop: 12:30 pm PDT, Mill Valley, CA
Crash pad: Travelodge, RM158 (no pets)
Total road time: 4.5 hrs

Back on the road. We had a spot of trouble yesterday afternoon with the van. The van did not fire up. Keith tried to jump start the van but no luck. Finally, he tried using Thad's battery charger which did the trick.

I must admit that the Northern California coast was the most challenging driving with its many twists and turns during this year's summer road trip.

We set up camp at the Mill Valley Travelodge (about 20 minutes from our new home) so that I could have internet access for work in the evening. After lunch at Bill's Place, we went to the realty office in South San Francisco to sign the lease and pickup the key to our new house rental.

With the key in hand we proceeded to the house. However, when we got there painters were transforming the place from blue with white trim to white with blue trim. Last minute touches.

Ah well, we decided to let them be and drove back to Mill Valley for the rest of the day. I worked on the computer while Keith and Syd took a walk along the Golden Gate Bridge. K & S later had dinner with friends Al and Annegret.

Praying Mantis on the rooftop of a garden store across the road from Travelodge.

Bill's Place - "Home of the Hamburger" on Clement Street in San Francisco