Saturday, July 07, 2007

Day 7 - Bozeman

Thursday, July 5, 2007
Driving start: 8:45 am MDT, Rapid City, SD
Driving stop: 8:45 pm MDT, Bozeman, MT
State(s): SD, WY, MT
Crash pad: Microtel, RM300 (no pets)
Total road time: 12 hrs

520 miles - most miles traveled in a day
2250 total miles traveled to date

Started the day with the wrath of Willy. During the drive back from Dakota Hills Veterinary Clinic, Willy released the most powerful piss in his carrier. The lethal smell tainted both the car and van. Windows were most definitely open for the first part of this day's road trip.

Oooh, spotted kangaroo roadkill. Poor thing must have been and escapee from the nearby Roo Ranch.

We passed famous motorcycle town Sturgis, SD. However, most motorcyclists were headed towards Billings, MT for a rally. Found this out when we tried to acquire lodgings for the evening. Places were booked. We had to trudge on to the next town - Bozeman, MT.

Also passed Deadwood, SD which we didn't have time to visit this time around. Instead, I started reading the novel Deadwood by Pete Dexter which tells the tale of Wild Bill Hickock who lived in Deadwood for awhile.

We entered the red road of Wyoming and spotted buffalo and elk in the fields. A painted bull was a fun sculpture at a Moorcroft, WY gas stop.

Long coal trains lumbered along. Saw an open pit mine. The colors of earth are so vibrant - red, grey and black.

Lunched at the Breadboard in Buffalo, WY. A mini train set encircled the room from above although is wasn't running. The owner seems to have a good sense of humor. As customers wait for lunch orders, they can be tickled by framed pictures posted around the sandwich counter. Pictures of various celebrities (Shrek, Captain Jack Sparrow, etc) were superimposed onto a background of the sandwich counter. Syd was the first to see Hagrid from the Harry Potter series.

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Beautiful landscapes and mountainscapes were enjoyed through these three states - SD, WY and MT.

"Any weather's Pepsi Weather! More Bounce to the Ounce" --Pepsi Cola ad from the 50's on wall of Applebee's restaurant where we ended the day