Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ocean Beach - Move In

Wednesday to Saturday, August 1-4, 2007

Partial view of the house front.

Not many pictures on move-in day as Keith and I were hot and heavy into unloading the trailer and van. When we arrived on the scene at about 9am, painters from yesterday were there again. More finishing touches, I guess. They departed after about 2 hours later. So, we proceeded to unload boxes and go about our business.

Fortunately, the painters were around to help us unload the last item in the trailer which was the heaviest and biggest -- Keith's woodworking lathe. It was a bit scary when the trailer jumped off its stand as the lathe was lifted out. We thought the trailer was going to roll down the hill. Boy did we scurry about to put stoppers in back of the wheels with rocks or wood in reach. Oh, I forgot to mention the house is located at the top of a hill. Luckily, the trailer stayed in place as the lathe was manuevered into the garage.

Grandma came over in the afternoon to fetch Sydney for the weekend. This was a tremendous help to us as we would not be able to tend to Syd with all the moving and organizing of the place.

The comcast cable guy showed up to connect our internet, phone and tv later in the afternoon. So we are set with communication. Email us if we haven't already sent you our updated contact info.

Thursday found us at the ABF location in San Jose. We spent half of the day emptying the contents of three relocubes into the trailer and van. Yay! It all fit and only one trip was required. We forgot to bring our hats and sunscreen for this session of moving so the heat of the day really got to us.

After re-energizing with some lunch, we headed back up to San Francisco. My brother, Ted, was sitting on our front steps ready to help us unload. With his help, we got the job done in two hours. With everything unloaded and in the garage, we took the rest of the afternoon off.

Friday was shopping day. Costco and Office Depot were the spots to hit in South San Francisco. We focused on getting the home office setup with desks and computers. We also organized the boxes in the garage so that we could park the car inside.

Saturday was another moving stuff day. This time Keith's brother, Jeff, helped with moving furniture and boxes from the garage into the house. Again, with his help we got the job done in no time. The rest of the day was spent hanging with Jeff.