Sunday, July 08, 2007

Day 8 - Idaho Falls

Friday, July 6, 2007
Driving start: 8:30 am MDT, Bozeman, MT
Driving stop: 3:00 pm MDT, Idaho Falls, ID
State(s): MT, ID
Crash pad: Comfort Inn, RM109 (pets allowed)
Total road time: 7.5 hrs

Willy was alright this morning. He spent last night in the van (more familiar territory) as the hotel did not allow pets.

As we drove through MT our animal sightings included a bald eagle, steer and pinto horses (the brown/white ones Bev Doolittle uses in her paintings).

Made a pitstop at the Lewis and Clark Canyon Reservoir where we noticed these huge-headed dandelions. Syd could not resist. She plucked one and made a big blow.

We lunched at Jan's Cafe in Lima, MT which was a railroad town in the past.

The view before entering the Continental Divide.

Landed in Keith's old stomping grounds, Idaho Falls. At age 19, Keith the U.S. Navy stationed him here to attend nuclear power school proto-type training.

Keith's first home away from home.

Here is the side window where his next door neighbor fangirl tried to climb through as he took a shower. (You'll have to ask him about this story.)

As we drove through the neighborhood there were some unusual looking houses set into the ground. Keith mentioned that these homes are the norm as the insulation is better for the weather out here. These houses remind me of hobbit homes.

We ended the evening at Wasabi Sushi in the historical downtown of Idaho Falls. Syd was feeling sushi-ish last night but we didn't have time to search for one. Wasabi Sushi turned out pretty good. Loved their soft-shell crab spider roll.

Unusual sightings: a dwarf and a giant