Monday, July 02, 2007

Day 4 - Mitchell

Monday, July 2, 2007
Driving start: 10:00 am CDT, Blue Earth, MN
Driving stop: 2:30 pm CDT, Mitchell, SD
States: MN, SD
Crash pad: Americinn, RM109 (no pets)
Total road time: 4.5 hrs

We have made it into Western Minnesota as of this morning. The weather gods predict some wind, possible scattered T-storms and a slight chance for tornados. Taking I-90 through Chicago was an incredible headache. Construction and tolls everywhere. It was some of the most stressful driving I have ever done. Now it is the opposite. No construction and hardly anyone on the road. The biggest potential for stressful driving is the weather, so I have promised V and myself to pull off if the rain gets too intense. Today it is onward into South Dakota. We'll probably layover in Rapid City and see the sights. We'll find a kennel for Willy and have them groom him. He finally used the litter box after missing it with pisses and poops which relegated him to the back of my van. He had to stay in the van last night because the hotel doesn't allow pets. The first two nights he stayed with us in the room.

I am bringing my Dad's Schefflera (his only house plant when we arrived in 1992) since I am kind of attached to it. It is tippy, so I tie it up for a few hours of light every day.

We are also finding that the cost of a hotel has absolutly no bearing on what I consider good qualities. We stayed in a Super 8 that cost nearly $100 and smelled and was run by rude people. The one we are in now is very nice, with an indoor swimming pool which Syd loved and cost $60. Go figure.

Well, untill next update, Ciao. --K

<< break here to drive >>

The morning started with a bit of scrambling. Keith called our lawyer to touch base about the house closing. We found out that the payment could have been made on Saturday, but the buyer's lawyer did not want to give up her weekend to deal with it. Too bad for the buyers.

"It's officially an ordeal." --K

Before leaving Blue Earth, we had to take a trip to Wells Fargo bank to transfer money to cover July automatic debits. Thus, our late start. Meanwhile, Syd and I hung out at the park across the street from the bank.

Recognize this car? Herbie was a treat to see in downtown Blue Earth (5th and Main St).

We had our first weigh station stop when entering South Dakota. The trailer is 7500 lbs. After Keith presented all the necessary paperwork, we were on our way.

Pretty windy driving with views of more corn and soybean fields. Horses and cows joined the view.

Passed the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder - De Smet, SD.

We stopped for the day in Mitchell, SD. We could not resist the constant signs to turn off and check out the world's only Corn Palace. The outside of the Corn Palace is entirely covered with thousands of bushels of various naturally colored grains and corn (12 types). Every year the palace is completely stripped and redone. neat-o

Also went to Cabela's World's Foremost Outfitter. Keith was in search of a hat. He had purchased one via online and had lost it last year. The inside decor was amazing. The showrooms features lots of mounts from around the world. The back wall had this huge diorama display of different animals.

No luck, no hat. But, Syd scored a new pair of crocs and I got a new pair of comfy shoes for driving.

An early dinner was had at The Depot which happened to be the city's original train station. As we munched on our comfort food, we watched the tennis match between Serena Williams and Daniela Hantuchova.

We found another Americinn with pool. Willy was at the Lakeview Veterinary for the evening because cats were not allowed.

"This vehicles makes RIDICULOUSLY wide turns." --on the back of a passing truck