Sunday, July 01, 2007

Day 2 - Hampshire

Saturday, June 30, 2007
Driving start: 9:30 am EST, Clarion, PA
Driving stop: 9:30 pm CDT, Hampshire, IL *new time zone*
States: PA, OH, IN, IL
Crash pad: Super 8, RM124 (pets allowed)
Total road time: 11 hrs

We made it across the rest of Pennsylvania. We didn't see much from the highway. Crossed Ohio and Indiana and saw lots of corn fields. We made it part way through Illinois. It was mighty painful to go through Chicago. We came across lots of toll booths to slow things down. More details to follow as we're gearing up to get into zombie driving mode for the start of Day 3.

<< break here, to drive >>

OK, getting back to this post. We had technical difficulties as well as major traffic when we hit Chicago. Let's just say a GPS works 99% of the time. After battling through the thick of Chicago's skyline, we were on our way to lighter driving until we took a wrong turn. Keith's voice was hoarse when we pulled off to get our bearings.

Please note: make sure walkie talkies are fully charged for the day so that they don't konk out on you when you need them the most!

After getting through Chicago we were in desperate need for gas and food around 7:30pm. Finding a gas station with diesel was a challenge. Because of this challenge we went to the most convenient restaurant we could find across the street from the station -- Bellacorina's Pizza. Turns out at 9pm the place turns into a Hookah Lounge. A-ha, that is why the decor included lots of hookahs for sale and there was a weird non-pizza smell to the place. Despite that bit, the pizza was delish.

Along with a cat, we are traveling with a plant. Keith got sentimental and decided to take his Dad's schefflera along for the ride. Check out Syd rolling her eyes next to the plant. Speaking of, K's Dad was born in Gary, IN which we passed on our route.

"Do one thing that makes you happy today." -- Microtel lobby, Clarion, PA