Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sutro Heights

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Today found Keith and Syd at the San Francisco Unified School District headquarters. Syd had to go through an admission process to get placed into an elementary school. Fortunately, Syd was able to capture the last slot open for the school in our residential district, Lafayette Elementary.

The enrollment counselor referred Keith to a music school in our area, Community Music Center, that offers violin lessons and opportunities for small and large ensemble group playing.

Syd at the bottom of our front stairs.

View of Dutch Windmill at Golden Gate park from our corner.

View of Ocean Beach from our corner.

In the afternoon, we took a walk up a path to Sutro Heights Park from the house.

View from atop Sutro Heights of the Great Highway along the coast.

Pelican pod in flight.

View from atop Sutro Heights of the Camera Obscura.

Camera Obscura behind the Cliff House.

Sutro Baths

Keith's favorite corvidae - the raven.