Saturday, September 15, 2007

Soulsong Garden Harvest

Last weekend we were back in Westport, CA for some of the Soulsong harvest. We spent a wonderful day outdoors picking various berries, apples and pears from the Soulsong gardens. Some fruits were eaten on the spot, others were going to be canned, dried or put into pies by Donna. Thad is going to try his hand at making some cider. fyi: Thad's latest batch of Mead is delicious! It is made with chocolate, mmmm!

We also went into town, Fort Bragg, to run some errands. Here's a shot of the library where I setup my virtual office this summer.

Before leaving, Donna gave Syd flower seeds and plantings from the gardens. With Syd's drawing of our San Francisco backyard, they planned out the placement of the plants. Syd will be planting Shasta Daisies, Chicks and Hens, Poppies, Calendula, Rose, and Dill. Looking forward to Spring...

With a box full of apples, Keith will treat us to some home-made apple pies later in the week. First up, home-made raspberry pies!

Back at home, Syd found these Fuschias already in residency in our garden. She also found some Jade succulents. I saw one Naked Lady Flower pop up and fade from the garden. And, some other unidentifiables also reside.

After a trip to the local nursery for some organic planting mix and some garden prep work, Syd waters the lot.